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caladium spectacular

Never ending blooms til frost: Annuals

If you’re like me, you’re always on the lookout for the next best annual that makes a showy display into September and October and even beyond (dare I say November?). The trick is to find them as babies at the nurseries in the springtime, instead of paying full price for them come the fall.The difficulty […]

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nooks in hole

What to do with Dog Poo

Compost it on your own property!  That’s right, it can easily be done. Do you hate throwing your little baggies of dog poo into the garbage? I sure do. Just the thought of the years it takes to break down in the landfill gives me shivers. Obviously it can’t be put in with your veggie […]

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Mulch – your comprehensive guide

I am still amazed by the number of gardeners who aren’t convinced that mulching does anything other than provide a finished ‘look’. I once had a client who refused any mulch on her (corporate) garden beds. She wanted to see clean black earth and nothing else (including weeds). She believed that the mulch delivery plus […]

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koi copper

Joys & Sorrows of Koi Keeping

Once your pond is installed it seems an easy decision to stock it with koi. What could be more beautiful or relaxing than the shimmer and dance of brightly coloured fish? So easily tamed to eat out of your hand. Daily answering to your voice or your footfalls. Admittedly, you do have to recover from […]

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fungi groovy

Fungi & Slugs & Rain, Oh My!

Ah, rain water. The elixir of life. Or so I used to think. Our record rainfalls are also bringing fungi, mold, slugs and more to your garden. I do believe I personally jinxed the weather this year. How? Can you bear with me a moment? We had to remove two old and gnarly evergreens dying […]

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container blue red

Simple and Striking Containers

Who doesn’t want that perfect container of ever blooming plants? You’ve already heard about the container rule of thumb– ‘thriller, spiller, and filler’ yes? I just read a Canadian gardening magazine how-to-create-your-own container article. I was a wee bit gobsmacked at the amount of plants needed for these arrangements. Why? Because if you put nine […]

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