Blogs DO increase business

I seem to harp on a lot when it comes to the benefits of blogging.  

Not today though.

I will share a true story that says more than I ever could.

(If you need more convincing, I’m also including an infographic at the bottom.)

True story:

I write what I call ‘Visual Testimonial Blogs’ for a florist in Waterloo, Dutch Mill Flower Shop.

Janice creates divine wedding arrangements.

The blogs are not only visually stunning, they are an introduction to Janice – what she’s like to work with, how creative she is, what she’s willing to do to make things happen. The brides tell the story.

When her phone rings and it’s someone requesting a wedding consultation, the caller inevitably tells Janice that she’s viewed Dutch Mill wedding blogs already. If she hasn’t yet, Janice directs her there to get ideas ahead of the consultation.

About a month ago, Janice had an unannounced visit from a Toronto couple.

Cobble Creek Wedding Venue

Cobble Creek Wedding Venue

This bride-to-be had just chosen her wedding venue. Like any of us, she googled the location searching for reviews, and found this blog on Dutch Mill Flower Shop.

She wasn’t looking for wedding flowers. She wanted to know more about the venue.

After reading the wedding blog, she immediately grabbed her fiance, jumped in the car and they drove to Waterloo without an appointment.

Of course, they booked their wedding flowers with Janice, then and there. And they will live happily ever after, yes?

I expect so. It is a true story, after all.

Ultimately, when it comes to services, people don’t do business with websites. They do business with the owner, and they want to know that person.

This bride-to-be already knew what it would be like to work with Janice after reading the blog. She didn’t even call the shop. She just got in her car.

This is a very compelling testament to the power of blogs.

Personally, I think this is enough said.

But for you, researcher you.  Here’s the info graphic I promised, from HubSpot.










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