Trinity Retirement Studios WINS the Pondless Waterfall Feature.

What a difficult decision this has been to make, in every aspect.

In the end, Sasha Hunter from Aquascape and I met with six applicants personally, when we’d originally planned on meeting the top two or three.  After that, it was up to the judges to make the decision based on our report back to them.

To narrow the selection process, we decided on four final criteria.

1. In house Benefit:  How many people have access to the feature.

2.  Over all Community Benefit: Is this a private location or open to the public, as in visitors, etc.  Who has demonstrated the greatest community building in their neighbourhoods so that the most people can benefit?  (This in no way affects the entries for private areas; it was pertinent to tighten the final selection process.)

3.  Readiness:  Was the site in a position to have the build this fall?  By this I mean, were the other elements in place so that the feature could be enjoyed by all?  (For example; accessible seating/viewing areas, shade/sun areas, electrical access, location clearly approved, public access assured and not dependent on neighbours, etc)

4.  Funding Capability: Finally, it was important to the judge’s panel that this gift not place any non profit in a position of struggling to find additional funding for the ‘readiness’ criteria. What if this was part of an overall dream or plan that hadn’t already received funding? If the feature was to enhance funding applications for improvements later on, what would the time frame for that be?  And so on.

(Believe me; I understand the irony of the Funding Capability.)

All this to say that we’ve learned a lot in this first year, clearly in thanks to your application.  We now realize important components that affect the selection process that we had not originally been able to foresee.

Now I will announce this year’s selection to receive a custom designed and installed Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Feature.

BLOGTrinity Winners
Trinity Village Studios on Kingsway Drive in Kitchener.

Trinity Village is home to more than 280 seniors living in independent life lease town homes, an assisted living retirement resident and a long term care centre.  This includes seniors who require a subsidy through the Region’s domiciliary hostel program.  Trinity Village also welcomes participants to its Adult Care Program three day each week.  Their community outreach includes events such as an Annual Garage Sale, Fall Fair, Buskers Carnival, even an Electronic Recycling Event.

Congratulations, and stay tuned for the build!

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