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Look what I made!

Okay.  I made dirt.  Black gold, I call it.  Compost from my garden clippings and waste from autumn of last year. Oh I have the double sided compost tumbler, which I just love.  But it only takes wee bits at a time, and that equals all the kitchen veggie and fruit cuttings throughout the year. […]

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scrubby harsh environment

How it’s done in St. John’s, Newfoundland

So many place we travel I’m simply speechless with the outrageous and gorgeous spectacle that is nature:  Hawaii, Bermuda, Central America, Palm Springs.  Nothing struggles to grow; it’s a delight to simply gaze upon tropical beauties and indeed, is abundance magnified. So I’m always interested to see how it’s done where it’s not so easy. […]

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pond jan14

Icy Pond, Koi, & Peer Pressure

It’s amazing what my man won’t do to keep our outdoor critters alive this winter.  Mainly because I will not forgive him if anything should happen to our koi.  Never mind that an open watering hole is essential to the squirrels, chippies, and myriad birds that visit our back yard.  Seriously, they count on us. […]

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overgrown shrubs

Get Out and Get Dirty: October 2013

Plant a tree Canopy, Waterloo. October 5th:  9:30 am to noon An event for local community groups.  Dig in and help plant hundreds of trees. This environmental enhancement project will take place over several years and will expand buffers along the Laurel Creek corridor for increased water quality, wildlife habitat and all the environmental benefits […]

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Our tree.  Neighbour`s fence.

A delightfully boring Summer? I hardly think so.

I read with interest the official summer weather recap by Environment Canada’s Chief Climatologist Dave Phillips, saying that our past summer was ‘delightfully boring’. Are you fugging kidding me?  Any seasoned gardener loves boring and predictably lovely temperatures that we can count on in our very short growing seasons. Ah, how soon we forget!  This […]

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hardy hibiscus disco belle

Never ending blooms til frost: Perennials

Gardeners never tire of having a look at what worked.  Yeah yeah, we do also observe our failures, but that’s another (probably and forever unavailable) post. This blog follows on the heels of what annuals and tender bulbs will perform spectacularly from mid to late summer into the fall and sometimes, to first frost. Now, […]

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