1st Annual Pond Tour–we couldn’t do it without our Sponsors or our Judges.

This is, without a doubt, an absolute labour of love.  For a very small committee of pond lovers. If it weren’t for our sponsors, this 1st Annual Pond & Garden Tour, Waterloo Region, wouldn’t even get lift off.

So here’s our unabashed shout out to our sponsors and judge’s panel who are making it possible for one regional non profit to win an Aquascape Pondless Waterfall Feature for their clients and staff–a therapeutic and healing benefit if ever there was one.

For starters, it was Richard Scharringa at Grand Valley Garden Village who had the light bulb moment.GRAND valley logo

I had wanted to find one of those smaller non-profits who may not necessarily have the staff, the resources, etcetera for development. But I didn’t know whom or how to choose.

Richard nailed it during one of our brainstorming sessions.  Why not open it up to any non-profit in Waterloo Region, rather than having to arbitrarily decide that ‘this one or that one’ was our chosen charity?  Brilliant!  I was agog with the possibilities, plus the opportunity to be able to share their stories via social media.  Even better than that is, a new charity can win every year!

I immediately knew I’d chosen well for our Presenting Sponsor, as our community building values matched.   I was thrilled.  Then Richard and I quickly went about roping in Andrea Scharringa to design the Pond Tour Brochures (to think she didn’t see us coming)!

Together, we’re pleased to announce our sponsors.

logo 570

chym logo

106 logo





CHYM FM, 570 NEWS, and Country 106 are our media sponsors.  Really?  Yes, really!  How awesome is this? Stay tuned Aug 26 to Sept 7th for radio spots on all three stations.  Lisa Drew, morning news and blogger extraordinaire, is on the judge’s panel.  Mike Farwell is on the judge’s panel as well as being the Master of Ceremonies from 3 – 5 at Grand Valley Garden Village after the Pond Tour on September 7th (9 – 3 pm).

Aquascape-Corp-Logo-High-RGBAquascape is our sponsor of the custom designed and installed Pondless Waterfall and Stream Feature for the non-profit winner.  Sasha Hunter is not only the Chief Designer of this feature, she’s also a judge on the panel.

Remax jpg large logoTwin City Remax is the sponsor of the incredible Locavore BBQ Luncheon for ticket holders at Grand Valley Garden Village from 3 – 5 pm Sept 7th.  There you’ll meet Realtor Bob Perkes, who’s also a member of the Pond Committee.  Twin City Remax is also creating the signs you’ll see around town on September 7th, directing you to the ponds on the tour.  Thank you!  We’ll take all the professional help we can get!

melissa w cowsThe Farmer’s Daughter is hosting the BBQ with organic grass fed beef sliders, organic homemade relishes, chutneys and condiments, plus organic teas, juices, and coffee.  If you haven’t met Melissa Baer yet, she’s worth the ticket price alone!

videoplus logo


My Video Plus is the corporate sponsor of our video promotions.  Victor and I have worked together before, and he’s a true professional.  He spent hours taking gorgeous video of the water features on the tour.  He even had a special filter to capture the sunlight twinkling off the water.  Lovely.  And then he decided the video would be better with a voice over.  I winged it, and he cut my voice to match the video.  You can view the video here.

Kuntz logoThe effervescent Donna Diebel of Kuntz Electroplating is on the Pond Tour Committee.  She’s moved heaven and earth to help promote this venture, plus Kuntz is also our Print Sponsor.  If that wasn’t enough, Kuntz is also selling Pond Tour packages at their front desk.  Cathy will be happy to help!

Susan Cooke-Sheerer, from Rogers Television’s popular show, Daytime, is also on the judge’s panel.   If anyone has the chops to help choose just one winner it would be her.  AND.  Valerie Hill, longtime Record Reporter, well known for her community building here, and also in Africa!  Valerie’s voice rounds out our judge’s panel.  (Which includes me, too.)

It’s not an easy task being a judge on the panel.  Choosing just one non profit is not simple, once you read their compelling stories.  We do wish that every applicant could win as all are worthy and should be high fived for their own efforts at community building in our region.

Tickets are on sale for $20 a person.

Janice at A Dutch Mill Flower Shop is selling tickets, as is Cindy at Synergy Esthetics.

And moi? It’s one thing to be in love with an idea, yes?  But how lucky am I? I am also the landscape designer for the Pondless Waterfall Feature.

I guess all this is to say that it only takes a very small group of people to come up with an idea…you’ll be amazed at the partnerships you’ll find in the community that align with yours.















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