I will be on Daytime with Susan Cook-Scheerer!

My response vs the family response:

DaytimeShowPageBannerWithTextSo I get an email Friday afternoon that there’s an opening the following Tuesday, September 3rd.  It’s a 7-minute segment to talk about the 1st Annual Pond & Garden Tour.

I used to joke that I can’t do any interviews or talks less than 15 minutes, cause I sure can go on once I get started.

I’m am pumped with excitement, though, and immediately begin thinking about how to present it in a short time frame.

Susan CookScheererI’ll work it into three segments:

1.  How it all came together  (1 min)

2.  Meeting the pond owners, a story (2 min)

3.  Charitable aspect of tour (3 min)

Then, of course, quick closing, I’ll bring and show ticket packages, and it’s all over.  It will be fast.  I’m thinking hard.  Susan Cook-Scheerer knows about the Pond Tour as she’s on the judge’s panel, so background isn’t a worry. Thinking, thinking. thinking.

Then I race around the house bellowing for my hubby, so excited.  I finally find him down in the garage and breathlessly share the news.

Husband’s 1st response:

“Can you get your hair done in time for this?”

My Response:

“WHAT?  What’s wrong with my hair (you bastard)?  I’m the wildhairgardener after all!

Then the next night, our kids come over for dinner.  He makes the big announcement about me being on TELEVISION on Tuesday.

His daughter’s first question is:

“So what are you going to wear?”

WEAR?  I haven’t even given a thought as to what to wear, which I admit to the kids right away.

She just looks at me.  “OMG, that would have been my very first thought if I was going to be on TELEVISION. ”

Then she and my daughter happily chirp in that there’s still time to go shopping and I’m like, shut up!  Then I begin OMG-ing.

OMG, I’ve gained so much weight I have nothing left to wear,  egads!  I will NOT buy fat girl clothes.  Yet.

OMG I even have this horrible big scratch/scab on my right arm.  His son says, “Yeah, I
noticed that as soon as Dad said you’re going on TV.  How are you going to cover that up?”

OMG.  Look, just LOOK at my hands.  Ghastly.  OMG.  What was I thinking to say yes to this???

I get worked into full fret mode.  You can appreciate now that I’ve had a look at myself through family eyes, I think, NO WAY can I go on television.

I’ll have to ask Susan if she can completely black me out during our interview, you know, that dark profiling used in TV shows?

Can I wear mittens?  I could put my hair up?  But then it shows the greys.  I’ll buy a root touch up at Zehrs.

It’s a bloody long weekend, nothing’s open!  Ah.  Hubby says this morning…”All the shops will be open in St. Jacob’s.  Let’s go buy you an outfit.”

NOOOO.  I will bind myself into something before I go shopping.  Plus, I simply have so much to DO.

I remembered a beautiful pair of slacks that I keep meaning to take to my seamstress.  To take in.  I grab them and yep.  Now they fit just right.  Usually that would make me sad, but honestly I was gleeful.  Grabbed my favourite blue blouse and squeezed into it.  The hair?  Well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings.  I do have scissors.


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