Let’s get started.

  1. We begin by clarifying what you want to say.
  2. Then, we’ll look at how you’re currently saying it.
  3. Next, let’s consider how well it’s working.
  4. Now, let’s discover what will work better.


You’ve probably already read and heard that ‘Content, content, content’ drives new traffic to your website and increases your search engine rankings. It’s a fact. It does. We’ll work on an weekly SEO schedule that is doable. You’ll be delighted with the results.


Who’s happier than your past and existing clients? I will gather the most compelling aspects of your work and how it’s impacted your clients’ lives and businesses. If you start with one a month, you’ve started. It may even turn into a awesome blog.


Blogging is the most effective way to share

  • what’s new with your business
  • your take on industry news
  • new employee profiles
  • your success stories
  • answers to the questions that are most pressing in your clients’ minds

Here’s a true story on the impact of what I call a Visual Testimonial Blog.

Marketing Materials

Your marketing materials are an extension of your website and form the backbone of your face to face marketing.  We look at your

  • business cards
  • brochures
  • postcards
  • newsletters
  • business campaigns and so on

Let’s ensure your story is being told in a fresh and compelling way.

Here’s a brief list of some rates:

  • Relevancy Foundation Package:  $197 – $397
  • LinkedIn profile:  $150 – $250
  • Full brochure:  $250
  • Blog  $50
  • Blog with one interview $80 – $100
  • Blog with multiple interviews:  $150

I do quote projects – just contact me.

Ask about Monthly Packages custom designed for your needs:

These are examples of what some packages contain.

  • LinkedIn bi-monthly group discussions
  • Four blogs per month with client interviews, plus social sharing
  • Client testimonials
  • Webpage rewrites
  • Social media creation/curation and posting weekly
  • Business correspondence or client newsletter
  • 1/2 hour photo shoot (for social media). Photos are yours.

Let’s work together and discover what will work best for you.




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