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“I’ve been working with Denise for her marketing and writing skills for more than a decade.  Her journalism background shines as she accurately presents what my business is all about, not only from my point of view and hers, but more importantly from the potential client’s point of view.  In marketing presentations, Denise has a personality that lights up a room when speaking;  as does her writing with her awesome use and knowledge of words.   Simple accurate writing along with professional photography are the foundation of my blog posts.  Denise has positioned us as creative leaders in a very crowded landscape.”

Janice Jamieson, Owner, Dutch Mill Flower Shop

“I try to maximize my professional use of LinkedIn proactively seeking vendors/partnerships by participating in a number of high profile social media groups. Denise caught my virtual attention because we not only share the same interests in a particular group, but she is a fan of our highly bird centric Facebook fan page.

 Asking me some pointed questions made it clear that she not only knew about caged bird care but she was articulate as well. Finding somebody who wraps feathers beaks and claws with articulation is a rare find.
Without much discussion we brought her aboard to assist with the massive amount of content development and curation necessary today to keep social media human readers and the robots from Google, fully engaged with what we have to say.
She has excelled at producing standalone content (blogging about bird and parrot care) as well as complicated ancillary product descriptions for our extensive line of caged bird care products.”
Mitch Rezman, CMO Windy City Parrot, Inc

“We hired Denise to assist in the content writing for our website, and she even included photography in her repertoire! Denise became intimately and passionately knowledgeable not only about our products, but also about our company, our history, and our processes.  Her accurate descriptions of product were spot on, plus she wrote the content for all of our pages, as well as inspiring and creating our most read FAQ page.”

 Len & Dianne Flood, Principals, Unique Traditions

Whether it’s for a brochure, press release, blog article or other promotional piece, Denise is able to take the raw material you give her, or, she will gather it herself through interview processes, and distill the essence of what you want your reader to ‘get’.  After developing an understanding of your audience, she creates written pieces to educate, entertain, motivate and inspire in appropriate measure to achieve your intended results.  What more could you ask of a writer?”

David Barth, Executive Director, World Accord International Development Agency 

“Denise is an absolute whiz at writing juicy content. After attending one of my myriad farm events about local and organic food — ‘Dinner with The Farmer’s Daughter’ — she wrote a wonderful article detailing her adventure. She creates a vivid image for readers in her unique way. She has the ability to write in a way that people want to hear, by that I mean her articles naturally attract a lot of online attention and are optimized for great exposure. Denise is very professional to work with and an absolute joy of a person! She thinks big and always delivers.

Sincerely, Melissa Baer, Principal, The Farmer’s Daughter

“Denise’s copy writing skills are not only top notch they are clean, direct, and to the point. She can tell a story in just a few words. At Snap KW we offer business profiles for our ad partners. This is where Denise shone.  Denise’s quick wit and positive energy make her a pleasure to be around. Her passion for her craft will benefit your business.”

Dawne Taylor-Gilders, Owner Publisher Snapd KW

Guiding a major project requires unique directorial skills, and the ability to see the whole picture, while zeroing in on micro details at the same time.  Taking a bird’s-eye view, Denise scrutinized a lengthy manuscript, laid out her recommendations, and moved on to the strategic plan.  She conceptualized the book’s marketing plan from beginning to end—from the website, social media initiatives, to the creation and production of video blogs.  When viewing the whole project, Denise has made this a much better book. “ 

Dr. Lloyd Field, book acknowledgements, Unions Are Not Inevitable!© 5th Ed  – A Guide to Positive Employee Relations

“Denise interviewed three designers on The Hopespring Holiday Tour of Homes, which is how we met, as I was one of the designers.  The finished article/blog was fantastic, as she is a gifted writer (and photographer).  Denise’s ability to linguistically detail the visual components that determine successful design is so incredible.  I hope we will have an opportunity to collaborate again this year.”

Nadia Prioreschi, Principal Designer, Inspired Landscapes

“Trinity Retirement Studios was the non-profit winner of a Pondless Waterfall Feature, as part of the 1st Annual Pond & Garden Tour, Waterloo Region 2013, created and executed by Denise.  The excitement and anticipation of the residents and staff was palpable and Denise did not disappoint.  Her upbeat spirit and enthusiasm was contagious, as she took care of every detail, right down to rounding up a team of equally enthusiastic volunteers to make our dream come true. She’s sincerely wonderful to work with, not only in her magical gardening ways, but also as she went the extra mile to ensure a lot of local media coverage.  We couldn’t be more pleased, whether it be her blog writing or her garden designing.”

Susan Box, General Manager, Trinity Retirement Studios

” Denise was efficient in her use of interview techniques and timelines, so it made it easy for me to provide the information that she needed for the article.  Her writing is strong, interesting and deliberate. I’m more than pleased with her unique style of writing and how she uses her journalism skills to leverage a story. She’s charismatic and charming! I loved working with her and would recommend her as an expert for any type of media.”

Frances Boychuk, Principal Designer, Lavender & Monet

“At Grand Valley Garden Village, we have always thought about starting pond tours and have more pond events, but our days become very short when you’re busy in the retail end of things.  This past year, a regular pond customer of ours, “Denise Wamsley” in conversations with Dave our pond expert, found out that we both seriously wanted to look into starting pond tours etc.  Well the rest is history.  Denise jumped in with both feet and there we were talking about the first annual pond tour that happened in the fall of 2013.  Denise was a big inspiration with loads of energy and excitement and she put this whole program together with many volunteers.  The results were fantastic, the response was excellent and very positive, and the winners at Trinity Village were ecstatic with their new water fall and garden feature.  Denise has been a fantastic source of inspiration with this whole event, and with the many that help her with the planning and organizing, we are excited to get ready for our 2nd annual pond tour event.”

Richard Scharringa, owner, Grand Valley Garden Village

Denise brings a rare mix of professionalism, creativity, and passion into her writing style.  I have brought my thoughts to her and she has transformed them into beautiful poetry that I have been proud to deliver to my daughter as a wedding recital and as a gift.  I have also engaged Denise in a gardening project where she designed and implemented a well thought out and beautiful plan but only after much probing for our thoughts and wishes for this garden.  Having known Denise for many years both professionally and now as a friend I know that she is both enthusiastic and committed to delivering the best.”
Rose Mailloux, Mannheim, Ontario
“I have had the privilege of getting to know Denise professionally and personally over the past 10 years. Denise is able to demonstrate and teach gardening  to even the most virgin of gardeners. Her writing is captivating, entertaining, humorous  and educational;  I subscribe to the wild hair blog because it’s authentic and delicious, much like the lady behind the writing.”
Stephanie Diebel, Kitchener, Ontario

“Denise was a natural at making us feel at ease as she interviewed us for the 1st Annual Pond And Garden Tour Waterloo Region. Her high energy and sincere interest in capturing honest and informative dialogue is admirable. She not only heard what we had to say, but felt the passion and commitment behind the words. She artfully created a description of our backyard pond and the family involvement required to design and build it. Her blog brought tears to my eyes. Her ability to intertwine humour, imagery, emotion and fact highly motivated readers to eagerly participate in this fund-raising event. Denise captivated her audience through her creativity while skillfully providing the attendee information for the event.

Denise has a dynamic personality and undeniable skill as a writer. She incites your curious nature, tugs at your heart strings, informs and educates. She puts her heart and soul into any project she undertakes.”

Deb Morley-Erickson, Pond Owner and Participant in the 1st Annual Pond And Garden Tour Waterloo Region

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